What Are Managed Services, And Why You Should Demand This From Your IT Company

We all want to protect our businesses. They’re a part of who we are, and it would be devastating if anything bad happened — including an unexpected cyberattack. But it happens. Businesses are attacked every single day. Some businesses are left in ruin. Some can pick up the pieces, but at great cost. Then there are businesses that are back up and running in a matter of hours, almost as if nothing happened at all.

March 31 is World Backup Day

In a world where small and medium-sized business owners must take every precaution against cyberattacks and the onslaught of evermore sophisticated malware, World Backup Day is the perfect time to assess the level of security for your business. In the current high-threat environment, it is good for business to have sufficient layers of digital protection in place.

File Folder Sharing and Ransomware

Ransomware attacks continue to make headlines therefore, being proactive is critical. Hospitals, universities, SMBs and even government offices have found themselves a victim of these attacks. It is essential to take every precaution against Ransomware attacks, especially as they have become more and more frequent.

Network Assessment

Keeping your organization running smoothly and moving forward can sometimes feel like a juggling act. Personnel issues, supply chain snags, and long term planning; your days can just fly by. It is tempting to just put your IT network in the back of your mind and only deal with it when problems arise.