About Us

LYLAB Technology Solutions, Inc. was formed by the merger of Kingdom Computer Services, Inc. which was founded in 2001 and LYLAB Network Consulting which was established in 2004. These companies, in fact, had been in partnership working on projects for a number of years so when the time was right they decided to join together to provide an even higher level of service to their customers.

LYLAB is an acronym which stands for (Love You like a Brother) and is a common greeting on internet chat rooms and bulletin boards. It also expresses the relational emphasis which is a key to the services LYLAB provides every day to each customer. The idea was to create a company in which technology solutions could be provided to people and companies while treating them personally, more like family.

LYLAB is also able to partner with technology providers such as Cisco Systems, Microsoft, DELL, Hewlett Packard and others where we hold certified relationships which give us added resources and support which we can then use to benefit our customers. Our team members have achieved impressive levels of certification and have many years of experience in the technology industry.

With years of experience behind us, LYLAB began, and quickly grew into, a company capable of providing first class services and products. LYLAB focuses its efforts on providing technology consulting, and complete solutions management. While the organization has grown, its ethics and purpose remain its core values. We will provide only products and services that make sense for our clients, and at the best value.

Our associates live, and work in the communities with our clients. You can expect to see us in grocery stores, at church, or attending school events. We hope to develop friendships. In doing so, you can count on us to be accountable for our decisions, how we do business, and our interactions with our clients. We value our communities and want them to be strong and viable even as we work to make each of the companies we serve stronger and successful.

LYLAB’s focus is YOU our client and partner. We can explain to you what makes sense, and what does not make sense, to help you meet your business goals and help you be successful. And if we cannot do the best job for you, or provide the best quality, we will refer you to someone who can. After all, you are a valued partner to us and we want what is best for you.

As we continue to grow we will work to provide first class services which fully meet the demands of the ever evolving technology industry and for you our valued business partners.