About Us

Rodney Royer Built LYLAB Technology Solutions On The Foundations Of Integrity And Perseverance With A Focus On Fostering Strong Relationships

Not your typical IT company, LYLAB Technology Solutions has provided the businesses and families of Central Pennsylvania with simple, honest and very responsive IT solutions for over 20 years – since 2001.

Standing for “Love You Like A Brother,” LYLAB’s team knew that the principles the business was built on – Integrity And Perseverance With A Focus On Fostering Strong Relationships – were just as important as their vast knowledge of and experience in IT. For more than 20 years, clients have not simply been seen as business entities in need of IT support. Rather, they are business owners, customers and friends in need of a relationship with their IT support provider. That’s why Pennsylvania business owners have continued to trust LYLAB Technology Solutions for 10, 15 and even 20 years.

LYLAB’s Founder And President Discovered His Passion For Computers In The THIRD GRADE

The heartbeat of LYLAB Technology Solutions is its founder and president, Rodney Royer. Unlike many IT business owners, who learned their craft in their 20s or even their 30s, Rodney was in the third grade when he started helping his dad bring broken computers to life again. Like a gift, technology always came easy for Rodney. By his early 20s, he already had a decade’s worth of computer experience under his belt. And as a perfectionist, he learned how to solve computer problems in the most efficient ways possible.

Just after finishing up his Information Systems degree, Rodney was working in his field for a company that operated with government contract clients. Because he and his bride were now parents to a precious baby, Rodney tried to negotiate a higher pay rate as the contract neared its expiration. He knew he had the experience and knowledge base to command the pay he rightfully deserved, but his boss did NOT value his skill set enough to renew his contract. That setback became the turning point for Rodney. He took this opportunity to pave a new path for him and his family. He decided to create his own destiny by starting a new company full of endless possibilities. He would take control of his own schedule and never have to ask anyone for a pay raise ever again!


Responsiveness And Clear Communication Set Us Apart In Our Market

When your computer or network is down, every minute counts. To us, any downtime when your team is not productive and you’re losing sales and revenue is NOT acceptable. Our extreme focus on responsiveness sets us apart in Central Pennsylvania. When a customer calls us, their issue becomes our top priority. We strive to resolve their problem that same day. As a result, our customer satisfaction is in the high 90th percentile.

Responding fast is goal #1. Responding effectively quickly follows. With a degree that combines IT and business leadership, Rodney always clearly communicates with customers as if he were in their shoes. We evaluate your needs from a business perspective and then provide solutions that best fit your needs. We never sell extras that our customers won’t benefit from. Caring about YOUR business and YOUR success pushes us more than paychecks and profits.

A few years back, LYLAB acquired the web hosting division of another company. One of their biggest clients, representing large revenue potential, was an adult movie company. Because we truly love our customers like brothers (LYLAB) and because values and integrity come first, we could not in good conscience keep them as a customer. We made the decision to cancel our web hosting agreement with them. Always doing what’s right allows us to rest easy at night.

A Layered Approach Toward Protecting Your Data

Since we opened our doors back in 2001, we have focused on cybersecurity to best protect our clients’ data and their businesses. Because hackers have become more aggressive in how they attack computers and networks over the years, our training, our tools and our proprietary approach to cybersecurity have become a lot more vigilant. Our success in safeguarding our clients is a result of our layered approach to cybersecurity. By combining our superior tools, our technologies and our ongoing training, we keep cyber criminals at bay and our clients keep their data, remain productive and can sleep at night knowing their business is safe and their reputation isn’t tarnished.


20+ Years Of Perfecting Our Passion And Serving Our Community

Always striving to stay at the forefront of the latest technologies and cybersecurity solutions, LYLAB Technology Solutions is proud of its certifications and partnerships, including Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE), Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), VM Ware Certified Professional, Datto Certified Advanced Technician, Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and Microsoft Certified Partner since 2003. LYLAB was also recognized as a leading IT services provider in our community by winning the Lebanon Valley Chamber Entrepreneur Spirit Award. Over the past 10 years, Rodney Royer has educated local small business owners about the importance of cybersecurity by regularly speaking at the Lebanon Valley Chamber of Commerce Lunch and Learns.

For more than two decades, LYLAB Technology Solutions has been well-connected to our Central Pennsylvania community. Our employees live in the community and care about helping the businesses here to thrive.