Are You Fluent In Ransomware?

Cryptolocker, Wannacry, CryptoWall, Locky, Winlocker, and KeRanger, the news has been full of these scary sounding programs. Ransomware can strike fear into the heart of any office manager and business owner. Once your organization becomes the victim of a Ransomware attack you will be facing sleepless nights, technology headaches, and days or weeks of trying to untangle the damage the hack has caused.

Effective Disaster Recovery is Imperative to the Modern Office

IT disasters are devastating to the infrastructure of any organization. In a modern office environment IT is the hub of any type of business. Disasters can disrupt IT processes to the point that businesses are significantly impacted. When it comes to disaster recovery many firms believe they will never need a back-up plan; convincing themselves that the likelihood of their organization being affected is minimal.

Five Signs You’ve Been Hacked

The media in 2016 has been filled with news of cyber attacks and hacking.

In February the Central Bank of Bangladesh was the victim of a cyber heist that resulted in $81 million in losses and another $850 million in halted transactions.
In July, the Democratic National Committee’s email servers were breached.

Do You Have a Cloud Strategy?

As we move proceed further into the technological age, it is becoming more apparent that it is neither desirable nor practical for businesses to remain firmly planted to the ground. We would suggest and actual recommend for you to consider a move of your business technology into the cloud.

Delta’s (Preventable) IT Disaster

Angry customers, negative media coverage, frustrated employees, untold revenue lost, lingering anger from customers: that’s the status for Delta Airlines this week. Of course this is not news to anyone; unless you have been living under a rock you have heard the numerous news reports detailing the Delta computer disaster.

Building your plan for BYOD

As the line between working in-office and working from home becomes more and more blurred, a new trend in employee technology has begun to emerge – BYOD, or bring your own device. Many companies are offering their employees the option to bring their own devices into the office environment as it can improve both employee satisfaction and office productivity.