VoIP Services for Central Pennsylvania Businesses

VoIP Services for Central Pennsylvania Businesses

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is the communication technology of choice for smart businesses. Using the internet to make and take calls dramatically reduces calling costs and comes with a host of other features too, from online collaboration to video conferencing.

VoIP solutions from LYLAB empower your business with the same advanced communications enjoyed by large enterprises and organizations.

Traditional phone systems just don’t cut it in today’s economy. Here are just some of the reasons why a VoIP telephony solution is the way forward:

  • VoIP is more reliable and ensures you stay connected to your staff, partners, suppliers, and clients more efficiently ​​​​​
  • Routing calls through the internet rather than over an analog phone line is far more cost-effective​​​​​
  • ​​​​​Add on features include video conferencing, hold music, call forwarding, collaborative tools and more
  • VoIP calls can be forwarded to cell phones, laptops or desktop computers - no matter where you are​​​​​

If you want to make your voice heard in today’s increasingly crowded marketplace you need a communications system that does your company justice. It’s time to switch to VoIP.

Communicate efficiently and affordably with tailor-made telephony solutions that keep you connected to the people that matter most.